Wedding, Elopement, and Engagement Photography in Washington & Oregon

No matter how excited you are to tie the knot and finally be married to the love of your life, everytime you think about wedding photos you totally freak out. 

What if you don’t get those once-in-a-lifetime moments on film? What if that one tiny hair is in the way of an otherwise flawless photo?

But what if you could be taken care of by a photographer you trust? A photographer who knows where you’re coming from and knows exactly what you need to have a stress-free, fun, laid-back engagement and wedding day?

I can definitely help you with that!

Let’s be honest: are you already stressing about what your wedding photos will look like before you’ve even set a date?

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Wedding photography that captures authentic, fun, and personal heirlooms that show who you are together in a glance, a moment, a touch. 

With me, you’ll feel easygoing, stress-free, and fun. ( Cause I’m definitely the photographer that’ll get right up on the dance floor to get those hella fun reception photos!)

What I believe in:

Ruby Beach 
Hoh Rainforest 
Treehouse Point, WA
Hurricane Ridge, WA
Thornwood Castle (it's haunted!)
Latourell Falls, Or
Smith Rock, or 
The Redwoods, Ca
Norway! (coming 2025!)

My Travel Bucket List

After 5 years working in the music industry managing bands, organizing large-scale festivals, spending time on staff at a radio station, and being the lead singer & guitarist in a band, I knew I wanted to be involved in the magic of coordinating a moment. Juuust with wedding music playing in the background. ;) Now I’m completely in love with capturing special moments at weddings and engagement sessions for couples in Washington & Oregon.

My job? To make yours easier so you can have fun and celebrate this special moment in your life. From weddings to elopements to engagements, I help couples like you build their legacy through photography that captures their unique story without editing out or muting the colors of real life.

Over here, it’s just natural, warm, and colorful vibes. But what I want to be most known for? Taking care of you so you don’t have to worry about that stray hair, your puppy running off with the picnic blanket, or the fidgety flower girl!

Hey! I’m Sarah Jane, your PNW-obsessed, puppy dog loving, stress-free photographer.

Seattle Wedding Photographer

I've photographed over 200 weddings & elopements...
I got you! 

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I name all my equipment. 

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My puppy Ellie is the newest employee at Works By Sarah Jane Photography. She sleeps on the job. A lottt.
She can jump on the couch but she’s too young to behave at your wedding. For now, Ellie is a part of our adventures on engagement sessions. The rest of her time, she’s taking all-day naps and wiggling her way into our hearts.

Meet My New Employee


favorite Musician

Noah Gundersen


favorite tv show

Schitt's Creek


favorite musical

Les Miserables


I LOVE musicals, Downton Abbey, true crime, and currently obsessing over Harry Potter (because how on earth was Hogwarts considered a safe school for 11-year-olds?!) Also who hasn't cried watching This is Us?! 

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Reading Mystery Thrillers


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Artist Point



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Bellingham, WA


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While I do organize a series of poses that look great with you two, I also lean back to see how you melt together (those are the best photos!). You’ll get some classic wedding imagery but not without loads of photos of you looking, laughing, and being together with that just-got-married glow.

Just relax. i'm here for you.

I’m known for capturing those didn’t-know-you-were-there shots and busting a move on the dance floor just to get those perfect candids. I also work with you to ensure we can incorporate your love story into your engagement and wedding photos!

Your wedding will be well-documented. 

There are so many reasons to stress out over wedding planning. 
With me, photography won’t be one of them.

Seattle Wedding Photographer